Remember that time that music made you feel happy? You know, before you got tied down by emo-punk and diluted hip-hop and Lars fucking Ulrich and general disillusion? Remember that? Remember that time when there were cute girls at the bar in floral dresses, drinking rainbow-shaded cocktails whilst dancing to a soundtrack of optimism and bliss?

Jimmy & the Mirrors remember that.

Not only do they remember that feeling of a warm, inviting society; they pledge to continue it. The world has enough dread, sadness and melancholy. What it needs right now is a coy smile, a loud shirt and a guy with a trumpet.

One thing the band love to do is share. Four members share time with solo projects, which is totally fine. Several members share with bands like Brokers, Timberwolf, East End Villians and Jesse Davidson. As if that isn’t gregarious enough, lead vocals are shared amongst all members with the band comprising of bassist Jimmy Meegan, guitarists Banjo Weatherald and Nic Bastiras, drummer Kaurna Cronin, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Dom Symes and trumpet player Ben Zubreckyj. It’s like Mamma Mia, but without everything being total shit.

In addition to sharing stage with everyone from Flume and Art Vs Science through to Jonathan Boulet and Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Raquettes, Jimmy & The Mirrors have spent much of the last couple of years on the road playing everywhere from the streets of Berlin to deserted streets of whereveryoudontwannabe. Some say that ‘Where’s Ben?’ is a reference to their trumpet player always disappearing for a cigarette. Some say it’s his love of jumping off stage into the crowd during sets. Others say it may be in reference to an entirely different Ben altogether. Either way, you probably won’t get a straight answer when you ask directly.

A culmination of the Adelaide/Melbourne six piece's hard work, 'Where's Ben?' showcases each individual members’ strengths across six tracks. The EP was released through Mirador Records on July 25th. The 12” spectacular can be ordered via Mirador Records Webstore

The band will be launching the Where's Ben? with shows at:
Fri August 1 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide w/Emperors
Sun August 17 – Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne w/Cider Tree Kids and Seven Year Itch
Fri September 5 - Adelaide Central Markets
Wed September 24 - Frankies Pizza, Sydney

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contact: management@jimmyandthemirrors.com